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    March 08, 2021
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    RHU alumna’s photos the only from the Arab world selected by an international web journal

    We are extremely marveled at the artistic creativity of RHU class 2014 business management alumna, Ms. Lama Riman, whose photos were the only ones selected from the Arab world to be featured in the Italian mountain web journal Montagna TV’s article on the “Snow Moon” event happening worldwide.


    Ms. Riman took the photo at sunset on February 26, in Maasser el Chouf. “The moon took me by surprise and I seized the opportunity. It was a special moment as the sun was setting down and the moon was rising from behind the mountain. The moon was full, very large, and much lit,” she said writing to RHU.


    "Those are some of many photographs I have been taking for years, to document and interpret nature and the universe. I am interested in fauna, flora, human traces, seasons, earth and sky. My love for photography comes from the fact that it strengthens my being in the world. It helps me understand its phenomena.”



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