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    September 15, 2021
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    RHU alumnus qualifies in the Stars of Science show for inventing an invisible face mask

    RHU alumnus Ziad Al Kurdi (class 2020 - mechatronics engineering) proudly qualified to the scientific council stage in Stars of Science, the premier innovation show in the Arab world, for inventing an invisible face mask using acoustophoresis technology. This hidden face mask builds a virtual shield in front of the face, preventing the inhalation of air droplets and the transmission of respiratory diseases such as coronavirus disease (COVID-19).



    The transducers that Mr. Kurdi used generate ultrasound wave, which is above human hearing (40kHz). The sound creates more than one micro-newton acoustic radiation force that pushes the shield 4.5 cm away from the face. One of these transducers works as a blinking sensor by alerting the user when touching the nose and mouth.



    Moreover, a badge that contains this technology uses chlorine dioxide to eliminate all forms of bacterial life. It also ensures protection against respiratory diseases such as common colds, coughs, allergies, and tuberculosis by forming an atmospheric shield to protect against viruses and bacteria.



    On the other hand, the microbial blocker badge is pasted to the device and replaced every 30 days. The atmospheric shield remains active throughout the day. However, the ultrasound wave shield functions according to the user's needs. The device is only useful indoors and on days with no heavy rain or wind. The transducers will be packed by two devices on every cheek and attached to the ears like a microphone.


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