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  • March 02, 2020

    RHU alumnus part of a team that establishes a startup company Weglo

    RHU biomedical engineering alumnus and current full-time faculty member in RHU Electrical and Computer Engineering Department Ramzi Halabi is one member in a team that established Weglo. Weglo is a startup company founded in 2017 in Beirut, Lebanon, and consists of a team of 3: AbdelRahman Al Kaderi (Chief Executive Officer, Computer Scientist), Ramzi Halabi Ph.D. (Chief Technology Officer, Design Engineer), and Tarek Mohamad (Chief Finance Officer, Web Developer), in addition to an advisory board of interdisciplinary experts. The team was interviewed on الجزيرة - لبنان


    Weglo's target is to provide an affordable and accurate solution for Non-invasive Continuous Glucometry. The ultimate technical goal is to design a smart wrist-watch that not only non-invasively monitors glucose levels in real-time, but also predicts hypo- and hyper-glycemic events with the integration of Artifical Intelligence and Big Data Analytics.


    Weglo has already built a functional prototype of the system which is undergoing continuous optimization on the hardware and software level. Weglo has participated in multiple startup competitions and won monetary as well as recognition awards on the national and international scale, which got the attention of local media like MTV Lebanon and Al-Jazeera who interviewed the team and showcased Weglo's achievements.

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