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  • December 28, 2020

    RHU engineering alumni develop a 3D printer that can build a predesigned house

    Learning at RHU fosters innovators and entrepreneurs. A team of three RHU mechatronics engineering alumni, Khaldoun Hatoum, Abdul Rahman Labban, and Hanan Ayoub, took the challenge of building a 3D printer that builds a predesigned house. After a year now, the machine has passed the testing phase and is under current development to deliver the first 3D printed house in Lebanon and the Middle East.


    It all started with a vision for a better, simpler, and more modern way to build a house using innovative technology. Mr. Ayman Trawi funded the project. The machine is big enough to print a house in a circle 17 meters in diameter and two stories high. The Lebanese revolution and economic crisis placed many barriers in the way but never stopped the ambition. The team worked for almost a year to accomplish their goal.


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