• March 14, 2019

    Achieved alumna and HeartMath mentor back at RHU for the celebration of International Woman Day

    With great pleasure and extreme pride, RHU Communication and Alumni Relations Office hosted CBA graduate, Ms. Randa Ali on March 13, 2019. Her return home to where her journey first started was on the occasion of International Woman Day and a celebration of her success story as a resilience and femininity coach, and a certified HeartMath mentor.


    Ms. Ali presented an intriguing seminar that discussed the challenges women face in our culture. She addressed the true essence of femininity which is not about emasculating men, tackling the topic of feminine energy that helps women discover their feminine superpowers, activate and radiate their feminine essence for more ease and flow in life and an attractive energy in relationships.



    She also taught the audience a technique that helps them get into a state of coherence and inner balance whenever they feel they are under stress. Ending her seminar she left a valuable advice to all women “to realize her powers and inspire the masculine to become the true version of himself and celebrate him as an equally powerful partner for bringing more peace, ease and healing into existence”.


    RHU President, Dr. Makram Suidan, presented Ms. Ali an award in recognition of her outstanding achievement as an alumna.  RHU is extremely proud that it had contributed in one way or another in the jotting down of such an inspiring story of success.

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