• May 04, 2021

    Proudly the third place for RHU students in the Future Health Hackathon 2071

    On February 22, 2021, the team “Healevate”, composed of 4 students from RHU and 2 students from AUB, outperformed other teams by scoring third place in the Future Health Hackathon 2071 competition.


    The multidisciplinary team included the RHU students, Hamza Mneimneh (business administration), Jana Kibrit (mechatronics engineering), Dalia Raydan (biomedical engineering), and Oussama Mattar (mechatronics engineering), and the students from AUB, Layan Hout (psychology) and Samer Shamaa (business).


    Under the big theme “Innovate for Health”, the UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention organized the competition in collaboration with Entrepreneur Middle East. It aimed at using artificial intelligence to create a company that would help the UAE government achieve its visionary goals.

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