• April 08, 2020

    RHU alumni manufacture a sterilization corridor: First one installed in Roumieh Prison

    To assist in infection control, RHU Mechatronics and Mechanical Engineering alumni, Ziad Al-Kurdi and Khaled Chehimi, together with Khalil Rehimy and Hamza Chehimi, manufactured a sterilization corridor that eliminates viruses, such as the Coronavirus, from surfaces. Their work was done under the supervision of Chehimi Cooling شركة شحيمي للتبريد Company.


    This disinfection corridor uses precision spray nozzles that can well-distribute the sterilization liquid, increase the disinfectant's contact area with the surfaces, and create a greater impact force on hard surfaces. By passing through it, the surfaces are sterilized accurately and quickly; Five seconds are sufficient to ensure that the surfaces are free of viruses and microbes, including the novel coronavirus. It should be noted that the sterilization liquids used are certified by the World Health Organization and the Environmental Protection Agency.


    Their first machine was installed in Roumieh Prison, in cooperation with the Ministry of Interior, to disinfect everybody and everything that goes through it, including prison visitors and the surface of food packages, boxes, and containers using the latest technology.


    View the video of the corridor.

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