• February 09, 2021

    RHU alumnus completes his Ph.D. at Aachen University in Germany and registers a patent

    We at RHU are proud of Class 2012 mechatronics engineering alumnus Bilal El Kassem who has successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis in mechanical engineering titled "Machine Design for Auger Dosing of Powders by utilizing DEM Simulations and Multivariate-Regression-Based Experimental Analysis" on February 8, 2021 at RWTH Aachen University, Germany. His industry-based PhD research was implemented at Robert Bosch company in Stuttgart under the supervision of the university.


    His thesis topic was about the design and development of a machine that doses pharmaceutical powders precisely. It is used in filling medicine capsules and tablets and can be integrated in other manufacturing lines in the pharma industry. Dr. El Kassem was able to register a patent for his newly developed machine.


    Dr. El Kassem is currently a Research, Design and Development Engineer at NVision Imaging Technologies GmbH in Ulm, south of Germany.

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