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    June 07, 2024
    Contact: Communication and Alumni Relations Office
    Rafik Hariri University
    009615603090 Ext. 603 - 755

    RHU is blossoming in anticipation of the 2024 Commencement Day!

    The preparation for the RHU Commencement is a team effort! RHU would like to acknowledge the combined efforts of all units that contributed to upholding RHU’s commitment to celebrating its 2024 cohort of graduates, as well as the dedication of all its faculty members who have provided them with a top-notch education. We salute all contributing units and teams' exceptional, unwavering commitment and effort.




    Preparation for the commencement day is a lengthy process that began in April, led by the RHU Registrar’s Office. The preparations intensified as the day approached. The main objective was to beautify the RHU campus to create a beautiful setting for RHU graduates and their families. This involved landscape cleanup, installing banners and flags, setting up chairs, deep cleaning buildings and hallways, planning and preparing the parking facilities, planting flowers, maintaining the green areas, and installing and securing the stage, among other activities.




    One day separates us from this special occasion. It is a source of pride to support the celebration and achievements of RHU students as they transition from being RHU students to RHU alums.






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