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    September 13, 2023
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    Rafik Hariri University
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    RHU professor secures 12 full scholarships for students of his hometown

    Twelve students from Kamed El Loz in West Bekaa are the recipients of a full scholarship covering their tuition and dorm fees at RHU, thanks to the earnest endeavors of RHU Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering Mohamad Taha.


    "These scholarships are a generous donation made by a benevolent man from Kuwait and the residents and expatriates of my hometown," said Dr. Taha. "I am thankful to everyone who contributed to the success of this initiative and the support from Rafik Hariri University."


    RHU expresses sincere gratitude to Professor Taha for his initiative. In turn, it acknowledges the contribution and philanthropy of the donors.


    Through joint efforts, we can provide students access to RHU quality higher education and ensure a promising tomorrow for our leading generation.

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