For Immediate Release
    November 15, 2023
    Contact: Communication and Alumni Relations Office
    Rafik Hariri University
    009615603090 Ext. 603 - 755

    RHU students learn to speak in public and debate in front of a crowd

    The RHU Public Speaking Club organized an event called "Power of Public Speaking" on Thursday, the 9th of November. This social event aimed to introduce students to the club and help them develop their public speaking and debating skills.



    During the event, students were introduced to the club's purpose and learned about the benefits of joining. Additionally, they participated in a debate trial that allowed them to experience speaking in front of a crowd.



    The club president, Rayyan Ayoub, said they hoped to spread proper debate awareness. Students who participated in the event were thrilled to learn a new essential skill for their future and gained a deeper understanding of the club.



    The event was a success, and students left feeling inspired to speak their minds, even if their voices shake, as Maggie Kuhn once said.


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