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    September 22, 2023
    Contact: Communication and Alumni Relations Office
    Rafik Hariri University
    009615603090 Ext. 603 - 755

    The 2023 Annual Welcome Party reflects the cherished RHU family culture

    RHU current students, faculty, and staff joined the 2023 Annual Welcome Party to celebrate their family ties and welcome new joiners onboard for an exciting academic year. The RHU Student Affairs Office hosted the party on the evening of September 21, starting at 4 p.m. 





    For new students, the party was their first casual exposure to the RHU community. Everybody mingled and bonded, enjoying the delicious food and vibrant beats by the DJ Mahmoud Bobo. They also danced to the tunes of RHU student Makram Maddah, who added an extra charm to the event with his musical talent.





    “This party is meant to welcome new joiners and reconnect with returning students. It embodies the RHU spirit and reflects our cherished RHU family culture,” said RHU Student Assistant Director, Ms. Sahar Hallak. 




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