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    May 21, 2024
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    RHU engineering students proudly develop the first-of-its-kind Digital Twin Framework for industrial and smart manufacturing applications

    RHU senior mechatronics engineering students proudly developed a first-of-its-kind Digital Twin Framework for industrial and smart manufacturing applications. As their final-year project, Amjad Amaneddine and Ameed Al Ghareeb successfully developed a Digital Twin Framework for an international industrial company under the supervision of mechanical engineering assistant professor Dr. Iyad Fayssal.


    This project marks a significant milestone as the first to be pioneered by undergraduate-level students in Lebanon. The project development was sponsored by the leading company for 200,000 USD devoted investment to Digital Twin and the latest technologies involved. The team engineered an approach to set up a dedicated server capable of facilitating seamless communication between the physical KUKA robot and its virtual counterpart. Data collection and management pertinent to the digital thread was done via MindSphere, an IoT service technology developed by Siemens, enabling remote access and monitoring of the robot's operations. ISO 23247 standards were applied to ensure the framework's robustness and compatibility within industrial norms.


    The team's journey doesn't end here. They are already envisioning the next phase of this project, which includes integrating machine learning models. This exciting development will leverage predictive analytics to enhance operational efficiency and optimize autonomous decision-making processes in industrial and manufacturing applications.


    This groundbreaking achievement proves that RHU is a hub for research and innovation. The support given by RHU faculty members to students helps foster leaders and innovators who can competitively join the real world with greater confidence.

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